Effective client collaboration ensures a thorough understanding of significant business components, including:

Operational Structure

Commercial Targets

Industry Conditions

Long-term Strategies

Organisational Culture

Corporate Values

Service Options and Successes:


Executive Search:

Successes: Chief Executive, Chief Financial and Chief Legal Officers.

Director Search:

Successes: Operations, Distribution, Marketing, Sales and Key Accounts Directors.

Senior Manager Search:

Successes: Africa Country Managers + National Marketing, Business Development, Operations, Retail and Corporate Business Managers.

Specialist Search:

Successes: Actuarial Specialists + Commercial, Financial and Supply Chain Analysts.

Project-based Recruitment Business Partnering:

Successes: Complete staffing initiatives in greenfield / multi-country entities; incorporating appointments of Executives, Country & Senior Managers, Specialists and Team Members.

Proactive Candidate Introduction:

Successes: Country Managers, Managing Executives and National Heads of Distribution.


At a time of progressive business transformations,
“New-Age” professionals are required to roll-up their sleeves, hone their cutting-edge skills and gear-up for a volatile economic and commercial landscape.

My Business Partnering model has proved the optimal method to source outstanding experts with stamina, keen analytical aptitudes and lateral mind-sets – primed to influence and execute multi-faceted initiatives within tight time-frames.



Business Leaders:

… with an appetite to challenge the status-quo and a resourceful approach to developing visionary and viable business optimisation initiatives; generating sustainable change management, acceptable risk parameters and optimal stakeholder relations.


Human Resources Leaders:

… with Change Management skills that provide a stable foundation to a transforming organisational culture and vision; built on progressive skills and agile, swift deployment.


Finance Leaders:

… with a keen grasp of an evolving economic climate, and significant acumen in formulating and driving targeted financial strategies to enhance performance; through innovative and accurate analytics, metrics and forecasting.


Marketing Leaders:

… with a flair to adapt to tough trading times by accelerating competitive advantages, innovations and diversifications; enabling enhanced customer relations as a fundamental component of commercial viability.



… with an ability to disseminate variable scenarios and apply consummate, cutting-edge risk modelling expertise through agile stress and scenario testing; to provide critical insight.


Operations, Information and Technology Leaders:

… with an aptitude for rationalising and automating processes to ensure optimal enterprise mobility to support service delivery, mitigated risk and bottom-line profitability.

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